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Just what every math class needs – cute motivational and educational posters!
These designs are free for personal use and are built to print on letter sized paper so you can easily print at home or in office. Download your favorite designs below!

We've also added DIY T-shirt designs, mathematic award certificates and STEM themed posters.

Pi Day DIY T-Shirt Designs
Here's a little peace, love and pi for ya!

Valentine's DIY T-Shirt Designs
Spread math love with this simple Valentine's Day themed t-shirt design.

Keypress Reminder Posters
TI-84 Plus CE bundle includes: Absolute value, Adjust table values, Finding vertex (min. and max.), Finding the factors, Typing a fraction, Store a value, Reset calculator, Point of an intersection, and Finding zeros

TI-Nspire™ CX II bundle includes: Absolute Value, Change table settings, Finding vertex (min. and max.), Typing a fraction, Store a value, Point of Intersection, and Finding zeros

TI-84 Plus CE Calculator Buddy Posters

TI-Nspire™ CX II Calculator Buddy Posters

Calculator Buddy Collection

DIY T-Shirt Designs
Add more math into your life by making your own T-shirt, bag, sign, or other decoration with these math themed designs inspired by our teacher community! Choose your favorite design in your preferred TI graphing calculator model. Enjoy!

Mathematics Award Certificates
Celebrate your students' achievements with these math themed award certificates.
Choose a style that fits your class best!

Real Life. Real Learning. Collection

Holiday DIY T-Shirt Designs
'Tis the season to remind students: show your work! Add some math cheer this holiday season with these DIY templates. Choose your favorite design in your preferred TI graphing calculator model. Enjoy!
For personal use only.

COMING SOON – Fall 2024 Testing Date Posters
TI-84 Plus CE and TI-Nspire™ CX II
These designs are permitted for personal use only and are not permitted for resale or mass distribution.